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EAGLE III Outreach

Education and Support

EAGLE III's mission is to maximize health outcomes by providing high-quality, compassionate patient care and safe, rapid medical transportation.

EAGLE III Outreach

  • Ride Along Program

    The purpose of the EAGLE III ride-along program is to enhance the understanding of air medical transport and build closer ties with the EMS agencies, medical personnel, and outlying medical facilities that EAGLE III services.

    The EAGLE III ride-along program is open to any licensed EMS professional or volunteer of all certification levels, (EMR through EMT-P) and to the medical staff, doctors, nurses and PA-C’s who work at the facilities that EAGLE III services.  Other EMS and medical professionals are welcome, but preference will be given to those persons who work in our primary service area. This experience is purely observational.

    Interested persons are asked to fill out the form available in the online forms page, or call EAGLE III at 920-469-9779.


  • Presentations and Demonstrations

    EAGLE III offers outreach programs to the community for education and support. These programs may include:


      • Station, Ambulance, Hangar, and Helicopter Tours

      • Scouting Merit Programs
      • Fly-ins
      • Community Events

If your group is interested in arranging a tour or if you would like a presentation or demonstration at your next event, please fill out the form available in Contact Us. Please explain your event in detail and include your name, phone number, and email address. Please contact us at least 30 days prior to your event.

While every effort is made to accommodate requests, EAGLE III must give priority to its primary care communities.


  • Search and Assist

    When possible, EAGLE III will assist in searches by local police and/or Fire Departments within our primary response area. With the exception of some very specific circumstances, the helicopter will respond as a free public service.

    When the helicopter does respond, we do so to assist the ground units already on scene.  The helicopter remains mission ready for any medical flight request and will depart immediately in the event of a medical flight request.

“Wow! These gentlemen were so compassionate! As scared and nervous as I was, meeting these men and seeing them work made me feel at ease. THANK YOU!”