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EAGLE III Helicopter

The EAGLE III helicopter is a EC-135, one of the industry’s fastest and safest aircrafts.

EAGLE III's mission is to maximize health outcomes by providing high-quality, compassionate patient care and safe, rapid medical transportation.

Helicopter Transport

Ground Unit

Regardless of whether a call is to transport from a hospital or the scene of an accident, within minutes, our helicopter team can be airborne and safely enroute to your destination.

The EAGLE III helicopter is an EC-135, one of the industry’s fastest and safest aircraft. It is an instrument flight rated (IFR) certified helicopter that was specifically designed for single pilot flight.  It flies an average of 150-170 MPH and includes twin, Turbomeca 2B1 Arrius engines. These engines are designed to offer state of the art technology with outstanding reliability, performance, and unsurpassed safety. The “fenestron,” or enclosed tail rotor is another safety feature offered by the EC-135 that not only helps with the aircraft’s directional control and stability but also reduces noise levels.  Advanced life support equipment onboard enables the crew to offer immediate stabilizing treatment for the patient enroute to any facility.

State of the art technologies on-board the EAGLE III helicopter include:

  • IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) certified aircraft and program–allows our pilots to fly safely into lower weather minimums, potentially increasing the number of EMS flights that can be completed.
  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG)–substantially enhance our safety for night flights by allowing us to see clearly in the dark.
  • A full autopilot system coupled directly to the aircraft navigation system.
  • Dual GPS Systems with Terrain and Obstruction Warning Systems
  • A color, weather radar, including flight route information and text weather with Forecasts.
  • An ATD-200 air traffic detector, which is able to detect nearby aircraft and display their proximity in graphical display for up to a six-mile radius.

Helicopter flights are operated by Air Methods.

“The crew was Incredible! Very professional while still being compassionate! Couldn’t have expected anything more!”