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Fixed Wing

EAGLE III offers nation-wide fixed wing airplane service to transport patients.

EAGLE III's mission is to maximize health outcomes by providing high-quality, compassionate patient care and safe, rapid medical transportation.

Fixed Wing

Helicopter | Fixed Wing | Ground Unit

EAGLE III offers nation-wide fixed wing airplane service to transport patients on long distance flights or when weather is lower than helicopter minimums. Our aircraft are twin engine airplanes with all weather capability. Whether the patient is in Wisconsin or across the country, EAGLE III can provide safe, reliable transport.

EAGLE III offers varied levels of skilled medical care on our fixed wing aircraft to meet the needs of the patient being transported. We provide Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support or Critical Care level medical crews with the most modern equipment available.

All airplanes are equipped for full instrument, all weather flight. Our aircraft are pressurized which provides a comfortable flight environment while flying at an altitude that is above most weather and turbulence. All of our aircraft are equipped with full auto pilot systems that are coupled to the onboard GPS, traffic avoidance systems and in cockpit weather reporting and weather radar.

Due to the longer distances usually encountered on fixed wing flights and the fact that the airplanes routinely fly into high traffic airports, all of our fixed wing aircraft are crewed by two pilots. Pilots on EAGLE III flights are air transport pilot rated and many of them are retired airline pilots with tens of thousands of flight hours each. This unmatched level of experience provides the safest flight possible.

Fixed wing airplane flights are operated by Direct Charter Services. 

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